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(888) 983-3835

(888) 983-3835

Why the Discount?

There are some who go above and beyond, and others that need a helping hand. We try our best to honor them when and where we can. To determine your eligibility for an additional 5% discount off of our already discounted prices, please see candidate qualifications below.

Occupational, Age & Health Qualifications
  • Honorably Discharged US Military Veterans
  • Active Duty US Military or Reserve Personnel
  • Federal, State or Local Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Fire Fighters, EMS or other First Responders
  • Clients Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes
  • MD's, RN's & LPN's
  • Full Time Public School Teachers
  • Seniors 65 or older
  • Returning Former Clients

If you find yourself in any of the qualifying groups above, then first and foremost: thank-you for your service and dedication to our country and its' people!

Secondly, you may qualify for discounted pricing!

Group Discounts

Bringing along friends? The more the merrier!

For groups of 5 or more attending at the same time, WeightCrafters can provide custom accommodation rates, schedules, meals, and activities that cater to your group's interests, passions or needs.

Whether your group is into scuba, skydiving, or anything else active and adventurous - we'll make sure you get the most out of your time here.

At WeightCrafters, we want you to have a truly life changing experience to share with your friends when you return home!

Commercial / Corporate Options

WeightCrafters also provides accommodations and special rates for corporate wellness initiatives and organizationally sponsored events - on site!

For even larger groups such as Businesses, Non-Profits, Colleges, Schools and more looking to do a long-weekend, full week or even two week benefit, we can come right to your city or town!

With On-Location Corporate Services, your employees, church members or other group will get their health back on track without ever having to leave home!

Couples, Family and Friends

When you reserve a private, 2-bed, 2-bath condo, you are entirely free to bring along family or friends to stay with you at no additional cost. 

If your friend or a family member elects to also participate in the program, then sharing the same accommodations lowers the cost for each of you individually - and we pass this savings directly to you both.

Staying in Madeira Beach, just a short drive from the many attractions Tampa Bay has to offer, there is plenty for your family to get out and do while you're focusing on your health.

Special Circumstance Pricing

Here at CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp, we are committed to the Christian Principle of loving others and helping the weak and the needy.

If you feel that you or somebody else you know, may have a special circumstance that may qualify them for special pricing, please feel free to drop us a message in comment section of our contact form. Please give us a general overview of the circumstance and why you believe it should be considered.

We welcome the opportunity to help where it may be appropriate. 

~CFS Management

For more detailed information on couples, friends, groups, family options and more, please contact us with your particular needs and details. We'll be happy to discuss your options!

" Great Program! I lost weight, inches, fat and stopped needing some of the medicines I was on as well. I would say that dollar for dollar, it was the best program I have been to - out of the four I have attended. "

~Jay P. - Boise, ID | Read More


100% Confidential!

Request Additional Information about our Program today!



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