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(888) 983-3835

(888) 983-3835

We provide three prepared meals per day, as well as a protein shake and a snack per day (for most clients). Your meals are prepared with only the best ingredients that will accommodate your fitness, wellness and weight loss goals.


Special Dietary Needs?

We have clients that suffer from special dietary needs, food allergies, type 2 diabetes and many other factors. 

When you arrive at the program, there will be a full health questionnaire & nutritional evaluation that is done and any potential nutritional issues will be discussed and planned around, which is a crucial factor is us providing you the right meals at the CFS Weight Loss & Fitness Camp for Adults


Relax, kick back and enjoy!

Weight Crafters CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp may also be classified as a fat camp, fat farm, weight loss resort, a weight loss spa, a fitness vacation or a weight loss retreat. If you are looking for the #1 affordable and practical option in any of those categories, reach out to us today!

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